Building Value Through Relationships

We focus on adding value through strategically aligned collaboration and sound business practices
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The Perret Group is a family-owned private investment company in Lafayette. We’re  built on a strong foundation of entrepreneurial and philanthropic values. Our mission is to provide support based on experience evaluating optimal business structures that are strategically designed to generate profitability and improve the overall performance of our investment portfolio. We’re always looking for more business opportunities.

Our goal is to partner with management teams investing to build businesses by providing capital, talent, management, operations and administrative services. Our primary investment focus is on companies that have a positive and transformative impact on the communities they serve. Investing in our community is just as important as investing in companies or consulting.


Who We Are

We move beyond conventional thinking to identify strategic opportunities that allow us to leverage our experience for lasting value instead of short-term gains.


As a long-term strategic partner, we work closely with our interests to build a solid organization with skilled and motivated managers and employees, while using our own experience and support to help them increase their profitability and efficiency.


The success of our business lies on our core foundation of family and ownership values, and we invest time with each of our companies to instill healthy work cultures that align with our own sense of community engagement.
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